Selecting our plants

Lavender plugs

Lavender plant plugs

I pretty much spent all winter planning out the lavender beds. I had drawn out the size and shapes of two separate beds. The plan was to use the two beds to fit them into our existing yard and to evaluate plantings in two age groups – new plugs and older, 2.5 inch potted lavender plants. The bed closer to the house that had been covered in plastic all winter would be the new home of the 2.5 inch potted plants and the newly established bed up the hill would be planted with the new plugs.

New lavender plants

Lavender plants in 2.5 inch pots

The 200 plugs came from Peace Tree Nursery in Pennsylvania. I bought from them because they just came out with a new variety called “Phenomenal” which was evaluated to survive in Zone 4 areas. Most other lavender are Zone 5 plants. Here in southern Wisconsin, we just became a Zone 5 so may still be somewhat marginal for these warmer climate plants. The larger potted plants came from Victor’s Lavender in Washington. They carry a number of varieties so it was difficult to select just a few.

My selection for planting in 2014 is – Phenomenal, Edelweiss (white), Munstead, Hidcote Blue, Giant Hidcote, Grosso, Folgate, Melissa (pink), and Royal Velvet. The first 4 were planted as plugs and the other 5 were put in as older plants.