Welcome to Redtail Ridge Lavender & Herbs

Redtail Ridge Lavender & Herbs, established in 2014, is located on a 53 acre ridge top in beautiful south central Wisconsin.  Operated by the wife and husband team of Cheryl Rezabek and Bob Strous, the farm is currently growing 9 different varieties of lavender and hopes to be fully operational by 2016.  Early on, Cheryl and Bob will produce fresh cut flowers, dried buds and flower bouquets.  In the future, they hope to distill high quality oils that can be used in a variety of products for its’ aromatic and health benefits.

Redtail Ridge Lavender & Herbs is committed to growing high quality, sustainably produced lavender to sell wholesale to restaurants, bakeries, chocolatiers, and others interested in creating that signature dish, special treat or exotic cocktail.  In addition, crafters can use the dried buds in sachets, potpourris, pillows and other scented specialties.  The farm will not be open to the public, but in the future will host a weekend festival to celebrate the blooming of the lavender in early July.  Special tours can be arranged by contacting Cheryl or Bob.  In the future, Redtail Ridge Lavender & Herbs hopes to host weddings and special occasion parties highlighting the fabulous ridge top views and lavender fields as the backdrop.

Redtail RenewablesIn addition to the beautiful lavender grown at Redtail Ridge, the property is also an Alternative Energy Demonstration Home.  For the last 20 years, the farm has operated on electricity from the sun and wind.  Their home operates on 1.2 kW of photovoltaic panels, 1 kW of wind and a solar hot water heater.  The electricity is stored in batteries and propane provides the remainder of their energy needs.  Rainwater is also collected to water the lavender plants as well as the other perennial and herb gardens on the farm.  Tours of the alternative energy technologies can also be arranged by contacting the farm.

Let Redtail Ridge Lavender & Herbs be your source of fresh and dried lavender products.  Watch them as they grow, learn and celebrate!